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Online tasting event with 70 people
Online Tasting event with Whiskey expert Magnus Fagerström, from the Whiskey Club Slainte. 

Today's reality is not only negative, we have now been forced into a digital world where everyone can participate. Thursday's Online Tasting event organized by the Whiskey Club Slainte in Sweden together with Arbore Spirits shows one of the opportunities that has opened up. 70 people from different locations spread all over Sweden got the chance to try 5 editions of the Distillery Liber and Spanish Whiskey Club's unique whiskey.

The whiskey distillery started out as an idea of 50 whiskey aficionados and their idea was to make Spain's best whiskey, and for a few years they searched for the ultimate conditions, before finding them in Padul outside Granada in southern Spain. Here they got access to genuine solera barrels from the sherry bodegas, which is extremely unusual. 16 years ago the first batch was made and it is our 16 year old whiskey release.

On a large screen in front of the test leader Magnus Fagerström from the whiskey club Slainte, he can look out over the participants, under similar conditions as when he runs it on the spot.

Slainte has already via Systembolaget's private imports ordered over 400 bottles of barrel 047, which was a 12-year whiskey. It was also the same, which after tonight's vote became clear winner. The 16-year-old then came close, followed by the 14-year-old who turned out to be a bit of a water divider. All participants had two votes.
Magnus Törnqvist from Arbore Spirits follows the tense broadcast over Zoom from the testing studio. 

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