Best view to drink ARRUCO!
"Port of Magnarp"
Magnus and Bosse with their hands full of ARRUCO. In the background you can see the restaurant's panoramic view of Skälderviken.

"This tastes really good", "So fun, this is not just a new whiskey, this is something completely new" exclaims Bosse when the tastings are assessed. Bosse is the guy behind the bar Bjäre fish and seafood located in the port of Magnarp

Magnarp harbor is located a few kilometers outside Ängelholm's urban area. Down in the harbor you will find an idyllic setting that brings the thoughts of an older picturesque fishing village. Bjäre Fish and Seafood has its restaurant here and the view over Skälderviken is spectacular and in the background Kullen rises majestically beyond over an endless sea. Take a bike tour and stop here and try the ARRUCO VSOP or XO. ARRUCO is the best from France and the Caribbean combined in a perfect marriage.

Do you have a restaurant and also want to offer your customers ARRUCO let us know with a  epost or call 0431-311 410. It can also be ordered at Systembolaget.


ARRUCO VSOP artnr: 8585802

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